Secrets Suck (or 7 Secrets to Happiness and Success)

Meet Greg Ready

Greg, a founder and partner of Gizmo Pictures, Inc., is an all-around happy guy, so when we asked him his top seven secrets to happiness, he obliged with a blog-worthy reply.

I was recently asked to come up with 7 secrets to happiness and success.  Hmmm, well the short answer was easy.  I don’t know. But…I’ll give this a try.

Actually, I think happiness is derived from not having secrets at all, but here goes an attempt at a list of insights that may help.

  1. Be true to yourself. The only person that will ever truly know you is you.  If you live a false persona, based on what you think others will like, I doubt that you will ever achieve internal happiness.
  2. Be selfish! BTW, this is WAY different than being an ass. Everything you do should be because you want to do it. Helping others because it makes you feel good is great! It’s also selfish because you did it because you wanted to and it made you feel good.  Helping others so that you can post it on Facebook and get a bunch of people saying what a great person you are is just being an ass.
  3. Find your perfect drug. To me, a drug is something that alters the chemical soup in your head. My favorite drug is accomplishment. If I feel like I’ve accomplished something, it’s the best feeling in the world and you don’t have to go to rehab!
  4. Keep moving. A while back I had the privilege of befriending Dick Van Dyke. We were driving around one day and we pulled up to the gates of MGM studios. The attendant greeted him with a smile and asked him how he stays so young. Dick just laughed and said, “I don’t know, I just keep moving”!  As we pulled away, I joked with him and said “So that’s it? You just gotta keep moving?”  He laughed and said I guess so.  Since that day, I’ve heard him use that line on talk shows and various videos. Not sure if I can take credit for helping with his catch phrase, but it makes me happy to hear it.
  5. Stay grounded. Never think you are better (or worse) than anybody else. So many people walk around under a false persona (see #1 on this list) that you never know what they are all about. Besides, “better” is such a relative term that it has no place in human comparisons or music for that matter: Who’s “better” Mozart or Van Halen? Hint: If you answer, you’re either wrong or a Sith (they only deal in absolutes).
  6. Have a lot of sex. (details withheld to maintain PG status, not secrecy because we already learned that secrets suck)
  7. Learn to read people. Always remember, happy people never feel the need to tell you that they are happy. Rich people rarely tell you they are rich. Good and honest people don’t feel compelled to sell themselves to you.

So there! Are you happy now? If not then maybe just skip to #6 again. Still not happy? You may simply be broken and no amount of insight will result in change. Sorry.

Oh yeah, same rules apply on how to be successful 🙂

Greg Ready

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