One Word 2017

Every year for the past few years, I’ve chosen one word to keep me focused on improving some area (or areas, as the case may be) of my life. It’s a word I can refer back to time and again throughout the year to remind me of what my purpose is, of what I hope to achieve, of the person I want to be.

A couple of the words I have chosen in the past include:

  • Believe – I chose this word for the year when I was getting my divorce because so much was changing in my life, and with that change, I kept seeing what I would call mini miracles over and over again, things that told me I was going to be just fine. If I ever doubted, I referred to this word. It got me through that year of change.


  • Aspire – At the time, I used this word because I wanted to be and do more. I wanted to raise my vibrations.

One year, before I found out about the idea of choosing one word, I focused on being more mindful in many ways, from the foods I chose to put into my body to how I treated others to how I felt at any given time. Mindful was and still is a good word, even if it isn’t chosen as a yearly focus word.

In coming up with a word for 2017, I focused on how I want to feel in this upcoming year, especially with all of the new things going on in my life, personal and business. Every small success that RaMan and I have had so far with Fierce Life, I have wanted to celebrate, mostly in a big way. I had to learn to celebrate some of them in small ways, with nothing more than just a “cheers to [insert event]” and a clink of the glasses, so for me, I have discovered that celebrating comes in many forms and various intensities. That is one of the reasons I chose this word – the little celebrations are still celebrations.

According to most dictionaries, the definition of the word celebrate includes the word “publicly,” as if celebrating has to be done in a public manner. To me, I can celebrate any occasion alone, with one other person, or with a whole group of people. I can celebrate national holidays, but I can also celebrate my own personal triumphs. Life alone deserves a celebration for it gives us so many little things worthy of celebrating. It’s up to us to recognize the little things in our lives and make them bigger things, and I intend to do that. Yes, 2017 will be a Year of Celebrate for me. By celebrating more, I have no doubt I’ll realize how much I have to be grateful for, making this word choice doubly significant. Celebrate equates to gratefulness, and who couldn’t use a little more celebratory gratitude in their lives? Plus, celebrating more means smiling more because it is simply impossible to celebrate anything with a frown.

The idea of choosing just one word was first presented to me in a group of health coaches that I had met through my online health coaching school, and I’ve been choosing one ever since. Although there is a website dedicated to this idea, you can use your own rules and variation. Find a word that describes how you want to feel throughout the year, what you hope to accomplish, and/or how you want to improve. You can even use it in place of a long list of resolutions (that you and I both know will unlikely be resolved). Choose a word that can help transform you into the person you want to become or one that will help you improve upon an area of your life which you want to improve upon. If you have trouble choosing just one word, then choose two or three. However, I personally wouldn’t do any more than that because it tends to defeat the purpose.

Have you chosen your one word for the upcoming year yet? If not, there’s still time, but if you have, I’d enjoy hearing about it, so please share it in the comments below along with why you chose it, then let’s celebrate all that 2017 has to offer! Why wait until the new year to choose it? Figure it out now, and you have a little extra time to put it into motion!

Cheers to the new year!

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