Tracie Neill, CHHC, believes that when it comes to life, we have two choices: We can either sit on the sidelines and watch as it passes us by or we can be actively involved, experiencing everything we possibly can. One of the best ways to do this is to be at our own personal level of optimum health. As someone who was once on the verge of health problems due to her obesity and inactivity as well as her diet, she understands what it takes to want to change then to make those changes a reality. She is passionate about helping others realize their potential and giving them the support and tools they need in order to be successful in reaching their goals.

Tracie’s experiences give her a perspective others who have not “been there and done that” just don’t have. In addition to those experiences, she has a Bachelor of Integrated Studies with an emphasis in Holistic Wellness from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. She also has a minor in Human Services and a certificate in Morita Therapy from that same university. Since Washburn is the only place in the United States to receive such a certificate, and the program is currently being phased out, she is the only health coach who has it and uses its principles as part of her programs. She received her health coaching education through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which is based in New York City. Through this year-long program, she learned over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods that she applies in her own life, as well as uses to coach and support others on their life-changing journeys. Learn more about her journey and wellness philosophies by clicking here to visit her blog.

RaMan Evans understands first-hand that lasting lifestyle changes take a solid commitment and motivation from both the individual and an effective support system. As a native Topekan, he also realizes the divide in the population as far as access to the services we offer. As the branding and sales director for Fierce Life, it is his priority to find ways to reach not only individuals who can benefit from our services but also minority- and woman-owned small businesses in the area and beyond who would be interested in wellness programs for their employees. As a 29-year employee of Goodyear, he understands some of the challenges and reasoning that keep many of a corporation’s employees from fully taking advantage of the wellness services that are available to them. Bridging that gap between what’s available to us and what we as people actually do is what is of utmost importance to him.

As a people-person, RaMan brings a lot of enthusiasm and new ideas to this wellness venture, making it so much more than just health coaching. You can learn more about him and his journey as a wellness mentor and entrepreneur by clicking here to visit his blog.

Tracie and RaMan are committed to offering programs that support and encourage others to live a fierce life full of optimal health and wellness. Contact them today to schedule a complimentary Health Awareness Assessment for yourself or for an appointment to discuss how we can help your business or organization create a wellness program based on your needs.